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Direct Marketing Laws

Direct marketing is so important to many businesses, often as their main route to market. However, there are laws that govern what you can and can’t do. The main one being PECR 2003.

I advise a lot of companies on how they can direct market, often after they have received poor advice from ‘GDPR experts’. I’ve seen sales drop off and staff lose their jobs because the company was wrongly told they couldn’t carry on with their marketing under the GDPR.

You can do telephone sales, you can send text messages, you can email people and you can send out postal marketing. You just need to do it in a lawful way.

The direct marketing laws are there to guide what you do, not stop it. You could be losing significant revenue streams if you don’t understand what the laws allow.


If you need any advice or training on what your business can legally do with direct marketing, you should get in touch.

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