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Audit and Compliance

Some businesses have in-house compliance teams, most don’t. However, getting it right is important.

I check that companies are compliant with the FCA rules and data protection laws, including their direct marketing. I often do this through a mock audit, as if the regulator had arrived unannounced at your door. I will check that your systems and controls are up to scratch and advise where they need improvement.

I also audit call recordings to check that your staff are following the rules, which is usually sales calls. You’d be amazed at what I hear.

Essentially, I act as the 3rd line of defence.

Even with the best intentions, your staff can make mistakes, which sometimes can be very costly. It is up to you to keep on top of their training to minimise the risks. I provide training on many regulatory areas, either online or on-site, whatever works best for you.

If you want an audit of your regulatory compliance you should get in touch.

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